A Sound Life

Yoga is about connecting to something bigger than ourselves. It’s about selfless service and working together; it’s about giving back.

That’s why we’re proud to announce A Sound Life as the charity partner of Ignite Yoga Summit. $10 from every ticket sold to Ignite 2017 will be donated to A Sound Life - and when you register, you’ll also have the chance to up that amount by optionally adding your own donation.

What is A Sound Life

A Sound Life (ASL) is a registered Australian charity that transforms the lives of people in need through music, yoga and meditation. ASL delivers free programs that nourish and empower individuals, and unite communities. This year ASL will deliver 500 free live music and therapeutic yoga sessions to hundreds of people as a free service to people facing hardships in hospitals, people living with disabilities, youth at risk, women in refuge and the elderly in Sydney, Northern Rivers and Illawarra region.

 A Sound Life

Some of the facilities and organisations they service include Sydney Children’s Hospital, Caretakers Cottage, Miroma, House With No Steps, Bupa, Detour and Oasis. In 2015 A Sound Life provided a service valued at over $131,000 in kind to the Sydney community, and in 2016 that value will exceed $350,000. More importantly the impact of A Sound Life’s programs transforms the lives of the participants, carers and families through:

  • Improved physical mobility, fitness and mental clarity
  • A renewed sense of wellbeing, self-worth and positive self-esteem
  • Increase resilience to stress and reduction in anxiety
  • Increased sense of belonging, improved group interaction and communication skills
  • Personal empowerment and joy
  • Release of trauma
  • Creative expression

ASL’s incredible volunteers are creating a matrix of goodness through the yoga of love and service to the people who need it most. The ripple effects of this spirit of kindness are limitless and your donation helps to ensure that our community is able to keep supporting this amazing work.