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3-Day Sessions

Should you wish to change any of your sessions, please do so before Friday 6 April. After this date if you wish to swap your sessions, just go to the session that you would like to attend during FILEX and if there is space available after 15 minutes, the Event Crew at the door will allow you entry.

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 Plenary Session

Time: 8am-9:15am

A1J: Beyond Pranayama –Integrating Breathing Techniques Into Asana Practice
Nikola Ellis

Most of us experience yoga breathing – pranayama – as a stand-alone practice done before or after asana practice. During this masterclass, however, you’ll learn innovative techniques for integrating powerful yogic breathing practices into your asana routine, and discover first-hand how engaging more deeply with the breath during movement has many benefits, such as heightening concentration, improving strength, increasing breath capacity, and enhancing feelings of calm and wellbeing. PMC

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2L: Yoga For Athletes
Julie Smerdon

Many athletes consider yoga an activity reserved for the naturally flexible, but the truth is, all athletes can benefit enormously from yoga. In this practical masterclass that’s suitable for all levels, you’ll share in Julie’s extensive experience of working with Australia’s top cricketers, to bust all the myths about yoga and sport. You’ll also take home sustainable strategies to increase range of motion, improve body awareness and focus, and understand how to use yoga for dynamic recovery. PMC

Super Session

Time: 3pm - 6:15pm

A3L: Therapeutic Yoga Practices For Chronic Pain
Kristy Manuel

One in five Australians are affected by chronic pain. Chronic pain can result in depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue, emotional stress, all of which can have a detrimental impact on quality of life. In this information-packed masterclass, you’ll explore the neurobiology of pain and how the perception of pain affects the various systems of the body, such as the brain, the neuroendocrine system, and the body tissues. You’ll also discuss how simple yoga tools and therapy practices can be powerful and sometimes immediate in helping to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted with chronic pain. PMC, SS

Time: 8:30am-10am

B1M: Diaphragm Tune Up: Diaphragm Dynamics For Performance & Down-Regulation
Jill Miller

The respiratory diaphragm is a governing muscle for whole body stability, agility and neurological balance. Any movement practice that does not account for the function and physiology of this muscle is under-serving the performance-based body. In this fascinating practical workshop you’ll use embodied anatomy exercises to understand how to analyse the strength, flexibility and range of motion of this myofascial structure, in both yourself and your clients. You’ll also simultaneously deconstruct and build new kinetic chains in your torso, and relate them to a bigger picture of conscious breathing, spinal integrity, digestion, emotion, and newfound realms of somatic awakening. You’ll also take home accessible drills to stimulate your vagus nerve and achieve parasympathetic down-regulation. PWS

Super Session

Time: 10:30am-2:45pm

B2N: Yoga Class Sequencing For Teachers
Nicole Walsh

Being a modern yoga teacher requires many skills and talents from the practical to the intangible. This workshop unlocks a toolkit of yoga class sequencing skills that will inspire your confidence and take your teaching to new levels. Putting together class sequences can be a fun way to express your creativity as a yoga teacher, but your sequences need to have purpose. This workshop covers sequencing techniques that prepares the body safely and intelligently as it progresses from simple to complex poses; how, when and why to apply modifications and variations to yoga poses; how to sequence a ͞multi-level͟ class, allowing for a range of different levels of ability; a base sequence that you can adapt and vary according to your students’ individual and collective needs; and more. PMC, SS

***Please note: while this workshop is highly practical, it does not include an actual yoga class***

Super Session

Time: 3:15pm-6pm

B4L: Check Your Neck: Safe & Strong In Headstands & Shoulderstands
Julie Smerdon

Headstands and shoulderstands are extremely potent poses, and when done properly they’re deeply therapeutic. But with your full body weight placed on your head or neck, they’re also among the most dangerous. Unfortunately, these poses are often included in general classes with little instruction, leading to fear, frustration and a high risk of injury, so this masterclass explores a safe, sequential way to practice and teach these important poses. You’ll enjoy a challenging journey through a series that provides handstand and forearm balance variations, while also teaching you proper technique. Your neck will thank you for attending this one! PMC

Super Session

Time: 8:30am-12pm

C1N: Integrating The Five Koshas: Can You Feel What You’re Feeling?
Nikola Ellis

If you think yoga works on the body, mind and spirit, then think again! Yoga actually works on FIVE different levels: Body, Energy, Conscious Mind, Higher Mind and Pure Essence. It’s the interplay of these five layers – the Koshas – that creates the sense of profound wholeness, which is familiar to seasoned yogis. In this intensive masterclass, you’ll discover how careful layering of traditional yogic practices can enhance your ability to tune in and ͞feel what you’re feeling͟, which is essentially the key to a healthy, balanced life. PMC, SS

Super Session

Time: 1pm-4pm

C3J: Flex Your Yin-Sides
Mel McLaughlin

Join Mel for a practical masterclass that explores the what, how, why and benefits of Yin Yoga, which is a truly unique method of looking at the body and its connective tissues and joints. You’ll discover the benefits of yin balancing yang, how to layer the ͞whys͟ of this technique, and understand how it can benefit other training. Concluding with a full body ͞stretch͟ this session promises to be the ultimate chill pill. PMC, SS