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3-Day Sessions

Should you wish to change any of your sessions, please do so before Friday 6 April. After this date if you wish to swap your sessions, just go to the session that you would like to attend during FILEX and if there is space available after 15 minutes, the Event Crew at the door will allow you entry.
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Time: 4:45pm - 6:15pm

A4G: The Science Of Myofascial Release: Can It Be Replicated With A Foam Roller?
Andrew Chadwick

For more than 10 years the terms "foam rolling" and "self-myofascial release" have been used interchangeably. But the application of foam rolling does not match the science of myofascial release. This practical workshop examines the difference between common foam rolling and myofascial release, and explore how to actually achieve "self-myofascial release". PWS

Time: 1:15pm-2:45pm

B3G: Meditation & Mindfulness Practices For Your Fitness Business
Ryan Hogan & Ashley Hunt

With an ever-growing body of research confirming the connection between body and mind, we can no longer ignore this symbiosis. The results can be life-changing, not only for you and your clients, but also your business. In this unique session you’ll learn the practical benefits of meditation, experience a live, guided session by one of Sydney’s leading meditation experts, and explore how your fitness business can benefit from weaving these practices through your own sessions, be it group, PT or a combination of all. IL


Time: 8:30am-10am

C1E: Sleep: Implications for Weight Loss & Athletic Performance
Dr Marc Bubbs

Quality sleep is fundamental for optimum health and performance. In the last decade, research has uncovered just how critical sleep is for maintaining a healthy body composition, but also performing your best in the gym and on the playing field. In this dynamic lecture, Dr Bubbs reviews the latest evidenced-based research as it relates to weight loss and performance. He also discusses common challenges he's experienced with clients and athletes, and outlines solutions for improving sleep quality and monitoring. He also explores the best strategies for incorporating naps. L

Time: 2:45pm-4pm

C4H: The Science & Psychology Of Recovery
Paul Taylor

Effective recovery may be more complex than you realise. In this enlightening session, you’ll explore the proven facts and the psychology behind the most effective (and ineffective) strategies for recovery and regeneration. You'll examine the tightrope between peak performance and overtraining, and discuss the long and short term effects of excessive training, poor sleep and/or insufficient recovery on both the body and the brain. L